Trafford Personal Independence Payments

Trafford Council



Personal Independence Payments (PIP) offer assistance in covering certain additional expenses arising from health issues or disabilities. The assessment considers the impact of your condition on your daily life, rather than the specific condition itself.


Available In
  • Trafford
Available to Age Groups
  • No Restriction
What we can help with
  • Help to get household items and clothing
  • Information on government/council support schemes
Available to these Groups
  • Chronically Sick
  • Disabled

Additional Information

What You'll Receive

Payments are comprised of two components: the daily living component and the mobility component. You may qualify for one or both parts, each available at either a standard or enhanced rate.

As of April 2023, the rates are as follows:

  • Standard Mobility: £26.90
  • Enhanced Mobility: £71.00
  • Standard Daily Living: £68.10
  • Enhanced Daily Living: £101.75

Assessment Process for PIP

Personal Independence Payments (PIP) are determined through an evaluation of individual needs. The assessment will focus on an individual's capacity to perform various essential activities for daily living. Information will be gathered from the individual, healthcare professionals, and other supporting experts. Additionally, most applicants will undergo a face-to-face consultation with a trained independent assessor as part of the claims process.

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