Tameside Attendance Allowance

Tameside Council



Attendance Allowance is a tax-exempt social security benefit designed for individuals with a chronic illness or disability. It can be received alongside other benefits, like Retirement Pension. This allowance is available to individuals who either need assistance with specific tasks or require supervision to ensure their safety.


Available In
  • Tameside
Available to Age Groups
  • Over 60
What we can help with
  • Information on government/council support schemes
Available to these Groups
  • Chronically Sick
  • Disabled

Additional Information

Who is eligible for attendance allowance?

Before considering making a claim for the allowance, it's important to keep the following key points in mind:

  • To be eligible, you must have required assistance for a continuous period of 6 months (with exceptions for those with a terminal illness to expedite the process),
  • You must be 65 years of age or older,
  • You can receive attendance allowance even if no specific person is providing you with the necessary care or supervision,
  • Attendance allowance is not influenced by your savings,
  • Other sources of income generally do not affect eligibility for attendance allowance,
  • You might not qualify for attendance allowance if you are currently in a hospital or residential care.

Do I meet the requirements for attendance allowance?

The following list can provide guidance by presenting examples of the types of needs or challenges that could contribute to qualifying for the allowance:

If you:

  • require assistance with tasks like personal hygiene, dressing, using the restroom, mobility within your home, medical treatment, or mealtime support,
  • need someone to monitor your well-being due to seizures, dizziness, blackouts, falls, communication difficulties, etc.,
  • depend on assistance when going out during the day or evening,
  • experience concentration issues, need reminders or motivation for tasks, or face anxiety or panic related to your mental health,
  • encounter difficulties while in bed, such as turning, settling, or staying in position, and need aid with bed-related activities,

Then you may be eligible for the attendance allowance.

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