Southport District Support Service

Compassion Acts



Our vision is to see an end to poverty, hunger and the need for foodbanks.


Available In
  • Sefton
Available to Age Groups
  • No Restriction
What we can help with
  • Help and advice about money and debt issues
  • Help with food and other essentials
Available to these Groups
  • All Groups

Additional Information

We are a local charity serving the communities of Southport and its surrounding areas, extending from Formby in the South to Banks in the North.

Our mission is rooted in the commitment to reduce poverty and enhance social well-being, ultimately improving the lives of the people in our region. To achieve this, we run various projects and activities that aim to address immediate needs while working towards broader, long-term goals, including the eradication of the need for foodbanks.

Being deeply connected to our local communities, we take pride in understanding their unique needs and responding promptly to them. We work closely with local churches and other organizations, leveraging their resources and passion to unite people for transformative projects and interventions.

Our ultimate passion lies in social justice, striving for the eradication of poverty, and empowering individuals to build better futures for themselves and their families. By bringing people together and fostering collaboration, we believe we can achieve tangible and meaningful improvements in the social well-being of families and individuals in our area.

Through our dedication to the cause and strategic approach, we envision a community where the impact of poverty is diminished, and people are empowered to lead fulfilling and prosperous lives. Together, with the support of our local partners and the collective will of our communities, we can work towards a brighter, more equitable future for all.

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