Second Adult Council Tax Rebates

Carlisle Council



The claimant must be the person liable to pay the Council Tax, who would have been awarded single occupier discount but for the other second adult/s living in the property. Second Adult Rebate can not be granted if the claimant has a partner residing in the property.

If you are the only person who is liable to pay the Council Tax on your home but you share your home with one or more persons who are over the age of 18 and they:

  • are not paying you rent for living in your home
  • do not have to pay the Council Tax
  • are not your spouse or partner
  • have a low gross income.

You can claim Second Adult Rebate in respect of them.


Available In
  • Carlisle
Available to Age Groups
  • No Restriction
What we can help with
  • Information on government/council support schemes

Additional Information

Second Adult Rebate is calculated using the combined gross income of all the second adults living in the property. It is awarded on a percentage basis of your Council Tax Bill.

Any Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance (Income Based), Employment and Support Allowance (Income Related), Attendance Allowance or Disability Living Allowance will be ignored when we work out the second adults gross income.

How much Second Adult Rebate can I get?

If you qualify for Second Adult Rebate your Council Tax bill will be reduced by 25%, 15% or 7.5% depending on the second adults income. The following figures are effective from April 2017:

  • Second adult(s) in receipt of Income Support, Employment and Support Allowance (Income Related), Job Seekers Allowance (Income Related) or Pension Credit 25%
  • Gross income of second adult(s) less than £206 15%
  • Gross income of second adult(s) £206 to £266 7.5%

Please note that if their income is too high you will not qualify for Second Adult Rebate but you may still qualify for Main Council Tax Reduction.

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