Rossendale Food Bank

The Raft Foundation



The Raft Foundation was established in Rossendale with the primary aim of assisting families and individuals facing crisis situations and in need of food and support.


Available In
  • Rossendale
Available to Age Groups
  • No Restriction
What we can help with
  • Help with food and other essentials
Available to these Groups
  • All Groups

Additional Information

We are an independent, volunteer-led, and volunteer-managed foodbank service operating in the Rossendale Valley. Our main focus is on collecting and delivering food parcels to clients' homes through the generous contributions of individual donors, faith/community volunteer groups, and local/national businesses.

We follow a referral-based approach and do not accept self-referrals. Instead, we ask potential clients to engage with an appropriate referral agency that can assess their needs and provide the necessary support.

Our policy dictates that a maximum of 6 parcels can be requested within a 12-month period for an individual or family.

We are proud to share that our average re-referral rate stands at 2.6 parcels, which reflects the effectiveness of our collaborative efforts with referral agencies and the clients themselves.

Our food parcels typically include a variety of essential items, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh milk, cheese, and bread, long-life products, cereals, tinned goods, rice/pasta, tea/coffee, fruit juices, household cleaning products, personal hygiene products, seasonal content (e.g., Christmas and Easter items), nappies, and pet food.

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