Rossendale Discretionary Housing Payments

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Discretionary housing payments (DHPs) provide additional financial support to individuals to assist with their rental payments. These payments are offered to those who are already receiving Housing Benefit or the housing costs element of Universal Credit and require further assistance with their housing expenses.

DHPs are granted alongside your existing Housing Benefit or Universal Credit entitlement. Since discretionary housing payments are not categorized as standard benefits, we have the discretion to determine the recipients of this supplementary aid and the amount they receive.


Available In
  • Rossendale
Available to Age Groups
  • No Restriction
What we can help with
  • Information on government/council support schemes
Available to these Groups
  • All Groups

Additional Information

Who is eligible to apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment?

Individuals who are currently eligible for Housing Benefit or the housing costs element of Universal Credit can apply for a DHP. While there are no specific predefined circumstances, you must demonstrate a genuine need for additional assistance.

Determining Eligibility for a Discretionary Housing Payment

To apply for a DHP, you'll need to complete an application form. This form allows you to outline the reasons why you believe you require extra support. Additionally, you'll be required to provide details of your income and expenses.

Our assessment takes into consideration the following factors:

  • Your income
  • Your savings
  • The potential for assistance from other household members
  • Any existing loans or debts
  • Opportunities for improved financial management
  • The presence of illness or disability within your family
  • Your efforts to address the situation

We may request comprehensive information from you and arrange a meeting to delve further into your claim.

Subsequently, you will receive a formal letter notifying you of our decision and the rationale behind it.

Please note there is a cap on the available funds for discretionary housing payments. Once this allocation is exhausted, we will be unable to provide additional payments.

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