Priority Services Register

Scottish Power



The ScottishPower PSR service will help many customers, including:

  • Those in debt through the provision of help and advice. We can also ensure you are on our lowest cost tariff and providing external sources of help
  • The elderly
  • The deaf
  • Visually impaired
  • The ill or disabled, who can access and use the internet

It provides a range of services to help you manage your energy account if you need extra support. And, they’re available at no additional charge.


Available to Age Groups
  • No Restriction
What we can help with
  • Bank & utility company support schemes
Available to these Groups
  • All Groups

Additional Information

You can join our Register if you, or someone in your household:

  • Has a disability
  • Has a chronic illness
  • Is of pensionable age
  • Is blind or partially sighted
  • Is deaf or hard of hearing
  • Has another type of special need
  • Has had a change is personal circumstances (e.g a bereavement or divorce)

If we become aware that you would benefit from any of our Priority Services, we’ll offer to add you to our Register. Or you can ask to join our Priority Services Register if you think you’re eligible.

Our range of services to help include:

  • Communications in alternative formats – we offer Braille, large print or Compact Disc
  • Nominated Person Scheme – nominate another person to receive your bills and other communications for you. Useful if you have sight difficulties or need additional support with your communications

Hearing or speech difficulties? We have lots of ways that you can communicate with us that don’t involve calling. You can go to our website and:

  • set up and alter your account details
  • use our web-chat on available pages
  • e-mail us or write to us
  • use Facebook Messenger for private communications
  • follow us on Twitter and Facebook
  • contact the Next Generation Text Service who offer services that can help you contact us. Visit
  • Don’t speak English? – we can provide interpreters for many different languages to help you discuss your energy account.

You stay safe and secure

  • Password Service - we can hold a personal password securely on our system for our representatives to quote when they visit you.
  • Continuous electricity supply – we will notify your local electricity distribution company if you have essential medical equipment that relies on electricity to make sure you are notified in advance of any interruption to your supply. They’ll also prioritise your reconnection if there’s an unexpected power cut.
  • Help with meter readings – we can provide a more frequent meter reading service for you
  • Free gas safety check – an annual gas safety check. Further eligibility criteria apply
  • Meter Moves – if it’s not practicable for you to continue to operate your prepayment meter we’ll arrange to move or remove it free of charge.
  • Free Gas Safety Check Eligibility 

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