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United Utilities Payment Break scheme is aimed at customers who may be struggling to pay their water bill due to a change in income or having to pay out for an unexpected household emergency.


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Additional Information

There can be times in life when it’s a struggle to make ends meet. This is often due to losing a job, not being able to work because of illness or having to pay out for an unexpected household emergency.

The ‘Payment Break’ scheme aims to support customers who need our help because of these reasons.

It works by us delaying water bill payments for a set period of time which we agree in advance. Then, when the customer is ready to start paying water bills again, we spread the delayed payments over a longer period of time to help the customer catch up and not fall into debt.

It’s specifically aimed at customers who are on means-tested benefits or whose combined annual household income is below £21,000.

Other reasons to delay water bill payments may include an injury that stops the customer working in the short term or a family bereavement which adds additional pressure to family income. We would always encourage a customer to call us if they have a specific issue which means they’re struggling with their water bill payments so we can see how best we can help.

Customers apply by calling us on 0800 072 6765. We can normally confirm eligibility there and then over the telephone and follow this up with a letter which confirms the length of the payment break and how the delayed payments will be spread over future repayments.

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