Debt Advice Service

West Lancashire Debt Advice



We are a free debt advice service set up in 2013 by a group of churches in Ormskirk. We offer an appointment-based system to make sure we give you our undivided attention.


Available In
  • West Lancashire
Available to Age Groups
  • No Restriction
What we can help with
  • Help and advice about money and debt issues
Available to these Groups
  • All Groups

Additional Information

We offer an appointment-based system to make sure we give you our undivided attention.

Currently we have one session a week:

Thursday 2-4pm


  • Contacour team by email, text or a message on our phone. (Please be aware that our volunteers don’t work every day – so text or phone messages may not be seen until the next debt advice session)
  • Email contact is quickest and recommended.
  • We will arrange an appointment.


  • We sit down with you and your paperwork to work out what’s going on.
  • We deal with the people to whom you owe money, so you don’t have to.
  • We check your income and expenditure, so you can see what you have to spend.
  • We will build up a full picture of your financial circumstances
  • We make repayment arrangements that you can afford.
  • We help you find ways to get more income and reduce expenditure.
  • We give information about the different ways to clear your debts.


  • We will need to see as much of the paperwork that goes with your debts as possible.
  •  We will need information about your income and expenditure
  • We need you to sign papers saying you are happy for us to work for you. If you want to save time you can sign these papers on line – AuthorisationContractCredit Report
  • We need you to be honest with us about your situation, but we will keep everything confidential to the team of advisers.
  • Once we have agreed a plan, you will need to pay the money directly to the people to whom it is owed and keep up those payments.

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