Barrow Money & Debt Advice Service

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We offer free, confidential, and unbiased advice to people living in the Barrrow area while actively advocating for significant issues that impact people's lives.

Our primary objective is to assist every individual in discovering a path forward, no matter the challenges they encounter.

As an independent charity, we are committed to supporting you through difficult times and helping you navigate towards a brighter future.


Available In
  • Barrow-in-Furness
What we can help with
  • Help and advice about money and debt issues
Available to these Groups
  • All Groups

Additional Information

Our support is tailored to address your specific needs. If you are facing urgent financial challenges, such as difficulty paying rent or mortgage, or impending bailiff visits, we will provide advice on dealing with these situations and may negotiate on your behalf. Subsequently, we will determine the additional support required to resolve your concerns effectively.

This may involve collaborating with a specialist worker to assess your budget, explore options to increase your income, and find ways to save money on essential expenses. We can also work with a debt caseworker to develop strategies for managing other debts.

To get started, you will generally need to have an interview with one of our advisors, during which we will thoroughly discuss your situation and take immediate actions as necessary. Please ensure you bring all relevant letters or forms related to your debts and details of your household income. Based on this initial assessment, we will identify the further assistance you need and arrange subsequent appointments accordingly. Rest assured, we are committed to supporting you throughout the process.

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