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Our Back on Track Scheme can cap a customers water bill on one of 7 charging bands, depending on their individual circumstances. For customers finding it difficult paying their water bill and they are in receipt of benefits. We may also be able to help if a customers income has been unexpectedly impacted by a life event in the last 6 months.


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For United Utilities' customers who are behind with their water bill or those who have been impacted by a recent life event who are in receipt of benefits or low household income (less than £21,000), we may be able to give them a capped more affordable bill based on their income circumstances.

There are 7 tariff bands aligned to customer’s income levels. To be accepted onto the scheme the customer must:

(i) Complete an affordability assessment;

(ii) Give permission for us to validate their benefit receipt and if requested provide evidence of current benefit entitlement; and

(iii) Customers must be happy to provide supporting evidence to complete their application, this could be means tested benefit evidence and/or if applying due to being financially impacted by a life event we will need evidence to support the financial change in circumstance effecting the household income. E.G we would accept a redundancy notification, Wage slips showing a reduction in income, an application applying for means tested benefits or any other similar documentation

To be eligible customers must:

(1) receive one of the benefits/tax credits shown below:

  • council tax reduction/support (excluding single person)
  • housing benefit
  • income support
  • income-based job seeker’s allowance
  • working tax credit
  • child tax credit
  • pension credit guarantee
  • income related employment and support allowance
  • Universal Credit

and either:

(2) Be in arrears with previous years’ water charges; 


(3) Be able to demonstrate an unexpected life event that has resulted in a reduction in income impacting your ability to pay your water bill. 

To be accepted onto the scheme, customer's must: 

In addition to the above, customers must also:

• Live at the address which is on their water bill.

• Agree to pay an affordable amount towards any outstanding water charges as well as paying new charges. The contribution customers will be asked to pay towards their outstanding water charges is subject to a minimum amount.

• Water supplied to their home is not used for:

- watering a garden (other than by hand) by means of any apparatus; or

- automatically replenishing a large pond or swimming pool.

Wherever possible, customers will be expected to pay their water bill by Direct Debit or via application to the Department for Work and Pensions to pay their water charges direct from their benefits. Where this is not possible, we will set up an alternative payment plan.

To apply, customers can:

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