Asylum Support Housing Advice

Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit



We offer the following services to the communities in Greater Manchester and Merseyside.

  • Legal Immigration Advice and Representation
  • NRPF, Homelessness and Asylum Support
  • Children and Young People
  • Women at Risk
  • Refugee Family Reunion
  • Referrals


Available In
  • Manchester
Available to Age Groups
  • No Restriction
What we can help with
  • Help to get household items and clothing
  • Help with accommodation or my tenancy
  • Someone to talk to
Available to these Groups
  • Asylum Seekers

Additional Information

We aim to protect people's rights to housing and food and lift people out of poverty while also giving advice about rights and other sources of support to enhance wellbeing. We run a drop in advice session on Wednesday mornings starting at 9.30 am. We can see up to 15 people, and offer the following support:

  • Application for asylum support (formerly NASS)
  • Asylum support appeals
  • Applications for extra payments for children and exceptional needs
  • Help to find legal aid solicitors
  • Help with healthcare (registering with GP, challenging NHS fees, applying for NHS fee exemption)
  • Referrals to homeless charities, welfare charities and social services
  • Referrals for food parcels
  • Signposting to organisations to help with status housing and benefit advice

We accept written referrals for immigration legal advice and representation, from individuals and from agencies.

Please use the Referral Form on the website. Referrals may only be accepted from the North West of England. We cannot respond to referrals from anywhere else. Written referrals are considered once a week unless the matter is urgent.

Please send the completed form, together with copies of all Home Office and Tribunal decisions to us

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