Message Community Groceries Across the North-West

Message Community Groceries provide food, essential education and metal health support in communities across the North West.


A Message Community Grocery is all about lending a helping hand to families across the UK by bridging the gap between a food bank and a supermarket. Think of us as a friendly neighbourhood support system!

Step into one of our cosy stores, and you'll find shelves brimming with fresh, affordable stock sourced straight from local supermarkets. Not only does this mean you can stock up on essentials for your loved ones without breaking the bank, but it also helps us do our bit for the environment by reducing food waste.

There's more. We're not just about groceries; we also provide a hub of community spirit and support. From money management sessions to get your finances in order, drama groups to help boost your confidence and healthy cooking classes to whip up delicious meals on a budget. Plus, we've got courses exploring Christianity for those interested, because we're all about nurturing the soul too.

Through the Minds Matter programme, our mental health support group, we provide a safe space for you to share, connect, and take care of your mental well-being.

Need to brush up on your English skills? Our English classes for foreign nationals are just the ticket. We're passionate about breaking down language barriers and helping everyone feel at home.

Oh, and did we mention our famous coffee mornings? Twice a week, we offer free hot drinks and pastries. It's the perfect opportunity to unwind and catch up with friends or make some new ones.

Looking to get crafty? Join us for our upcycling workshops, where you can breathe new life into old treasures while doing your bit for the planet.

Need a spot to check your emails or catch up on social media? We've got you covered with free WiFi. And if you're looking for a warm and welcoming space to connect with others and pick up new skills, look no further. Our doors are open 5 days per week, and we can't wait to welcome you with open arms!

So, whether you're stopping by for groceries, seeking support, or simply craving a friendly chat over a cuppa, the Community Grocery is here for you. Come on in.

Find out more about the Message Community Groceries through our page on the Hardship Hub.