Hardship Hub Rebooted

We're really happy to relaunch the Hardship Hub with a whole new look and feel and approach. Read more about what we've done and why.


Welcome to the Hardship Hub that we’re very pleased to be relaunching as a resource for people in the North West who are looking for support and assistance in difficult times.

The Hub was originally launched in 2020 as a place where money advisers in the not-for-profit sector could find and share information on schemes they might not have heard of before that could help their clients.

Over the years we learned what a fantastic place the North West is with lots of support available to help people who need it. The Hub now contains information on over 400 different services that can help individuals in different parts of the North West - the big issue we’ve discovered is that many people who need help just don’t realise that all this support is available.

This led us to take the decision to open the Hub to everyone, simply tell the search engine where you are based and what you need and it will give you details of services that might help you.

Now not all services accept applications direct from the public, some require a referral from an approved organisation. For these types of services, you’ll be signposted to appropriate advisers who will be able to refer you and provide access to other types of assistance.

The Hardship Hub, working in partnership with money advisers and providers of support services

We’re very keen that the changes to the Hub should provide even more help for advisers and service providers than our original service. After all, we’re here to help make things easier for you.

With this in mind advisers and providers will still be able to register with the Hub, using their old credentials if they’re already members, and gain access to additional features not available to the general public. This includes things like being able to add services to the Hub and access restricted contact and application information.

To register advisers and providers must have an email address from an organisation working in the sector (i.e. not from gmail.com or some other provider) we’ll use this as validation for your registration.

If you are an adviser and want to join the hub simply click on the register link at the top of this page and we’ll create an account for you once we’ve manually checked your email address.

We hope you like the new Hardship Hub.